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The Shopping List Generator: Plan delicious and healthy meals for weeks in advance and use our tool to show you exactly what ingredients to buy  and take the headache out of the most difficult obstacle in getting in shape: meal planning.


AWT-workoutlongsales1Fast and Effective Workouts Delivered Daily: Simple workouts you can do anywhere! Whether on the road, at home, or even in the gym, let us guide you into shape using our quick routines that can be done in just minutes a day!

AWT-Meallongsales1Community of Support: We know that getting in shape is much more fun when you do it with others! Stay connected with other Fit4Americans, post times, swap meal recipes, or chat about your new abs!



Meal planning made easy! Pick from over 250 healthy and delicious meals, snacks, and desserts to add to your meal calendar and our exclusive Shopping List Generator will show you what ingredients to buy and how much.

Toast with ricotta and berriescircle


Fruity green smoothiecircle


Our personal trainers have put together a video series of quick, productive workouts designed to burn fat and tone your body without using weights or a lot of space. These workouts can be done anywhere and with a small amount of time. Try our 21 day challenge and we guarantee results! Here are a few samples:



Parents: Raising a family is a full time job. Between work, school and taking kids to soccer practice, who has time to hit the gym?

Business men and women: We designed our program to take minimal space and use minimal time so you can be effective and efficient, even while traveling.

On a Tight Budget: The cost of going to the gym is always rising. Not to mention gas money and travel time.

Everyone! Fit4America is really for everyone. We want everyone to have more energy and feel good about themselves. That's why we came up with F4A. It takes all the hard parts about getting in shape and makes them easier.



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